Tall Cabinet Videos

Linen Cabinet with pull-out hamper

Curious about maximizing the space in your tall cabinets? Look no further! This video collection showcases a sampling of the available storage and accessory options, helping you discover innovative solutions to utilize every inch of space in your tall cabinets. Don’t let valuable storage space go to waste – explore the possibilities today!


Cleaning Storage Cabinet

Video by KraftMaid

Integrated Utility Cleaning Cabinet: Cleaning tools where you need them

Video by KraftMaid

Multi Storage Pantry with Adjustable Shelves: Reach whatever’s in back

Video by KraftMaid

Quick Release Hinges

Available on Schrock Trademark Cabinets

Smart Solutions for Cabinet Organization

Video by Schrock

Spice Caddy

Video by KraftMaid

Tall Pantry Pullout

Video by KraftMaid

Toekick Vacuum

Video by Schrock

Utility Storage Cabinet: Storage Galore

Video by Schrock

Kitchen Cabinetry, Bar sink and storage


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We enjoy partnering with clients to meet their goals, while sharing our knowledge of the process and products. We love using our craft to design functionally beautiful spaces for our clients and their families.

Simply put, we are in your corner. Let’s work together!

View the different types of project types we typically design. Don’t worry if you don’t see your project type on the list, because we love a challenge! Reach out to discuss your project because we want to hear from you.

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