Our History

Our story begins at a local family-run lumberyard in Framingham with an unmatchable father-daughter team. After years of dedication and growth within the lumber industry, Gina’s passion for design and talent for business became the springboard for a new cabinetry division within the lumberyard. Launched in 1996, the cabinetry division became so successful that by 2001 it required it’s very own location — our current showroom on Concord Street. The following year, we incorporated as The Corner Cabinet and have been sharing our expert design skills throughout the state of Massachusetts.

Our Values

Since we began as a family-run business, our family values hold strong. Gina has filled The Corner Cabinet Team with a close, collaborative, and supportive group of designers. These values only better the quality of service we offer. You are important to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile for your business. Our company is always evolving, as the needs of our customers change and as new products are created in the market. You can be rest assured that in working with The Corner Cabinet, you will enjoy the latest products, technology, and developments in the industry.

Above all, we are proud to design your project and will work hard to earn your business. You can count on us to be available to service you in the future if the need ever arises.

Thank you for choosing The Corner Cabinet to be your cabinet company!

Our Team

Rosanne LaCava is the newest member of our team, having joined us in early 2017.

However, Rosanne is not a newcomer to design. With a certificate in interior design, she’s been a kitchen designer since 2002. She loves adapting a space to her client’s lifestyle. She is always on top of the newest innovations, styles, and colors happening in the kitchen industry and finds a great sense of accomplishment in integrating these features into her designs. Rosanne’s love and enthusiasm for design are reflected in every project she works on.

Dave Mauricio has been a designer with The Corner Cabinet since 2014.

He found a love for kitchen design in 2005 after working on designing his own kitchen and has been in the industry ever since. Dave derives professional satisfaction from helping his clients transform their space as he works with them to achieve their vision for their homes. He favors clean lines, open space and lots of light with lighter whites and grays color palette. He prize function over form. He enjoys connecting and collaborating on designs with his clients and is never shy about making recommendations or providing guidance where appropriate. Designer aside, he’s the proud dad to two teenagers and under the thrall of a Polish princess.

Gil Foss has been a designer with The Corner Cabinet since 2002 and was designing kitchens long before that.

He enjoys the details of planning and partnering with clients to find the best solution to design a space. Drawing from his construction background, Gil is not afraid to suggest structural changes to improve the flow of the space and ensuring that we build the new kitchen on the best possible foundation. While the aesthetics are always taken into consideration, the function of the space is always his first priority. To Gil, a challenge is an opportunity to hone his skill. Many of his best idea’s have been developed from the challenges of previous spaces limitations or unique customer requests.

Gina Richard has been running The Corner Cabinet since it’s inception and was raised in the industry.

Gina Richard’s passion for design and talent for business is what built the company from a small division of a local lumberyard to what you now know of today as The Corner Cabinet. She loves spending time in her own kitchen, takes pride in curating and cultivating her home, and believes wholeheartedly that functionality followed by beauty is the key to any successful space. As a business owner, she values dedication, honesty, and mindfulness in work. She fosters an environment of collaboration among her team that strengthens The Corner Cabinet as a whole and makes it a genuinely a good place to be.