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At Corner Cabinet, we value fostering relationships with clients and installers. We believe in a collaborative spirit within our team, crafting stunningly functional spaces using quality, enduring materials. Our team takes immense pride in your satisfaction and adapts to the needs of our clients, design trends, and advancements. We’re eager to collaborate with you on your project, creating a personalized space and earning your trust through hard work and commitment.

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During your appointment, explore our selection of kitchen and bath products at our Framingham showroom! We have 3000 square feet of space filled with cabinets, countertops, and accessories you’ll need to bring your vision to life. This includes cabinet lighting, fixtures, hardware and a variety of stone and tile samples.

Start your renovation journey with a free, virtual Meet & Greet appointment with our project coordinator. Get one-on-one attention for your project planning and discuss your vision for your dream kitchen or bath. Our dedicated team will be fully invested in helping you turn your ideas into reality. Simply choose a convenient time slot from our online booking system – it’s easy and obligation-free! We look forward to working with you!

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Green initiatives

Over the last several years, we’ve undergone several transitions to be more environmentally mindful. We’re making a conscious effort to be better for our community, our planet, and the next generation.

A CoolClimate survey by UC Berkeley found us to be 83% more eco-friendly than similar businesses. We’re constantly innovating to minimize our environmental impact, because even good can be better.

our philosophy, showroom and green initiatives

implemented initiatives

  • Upgraded to centralized printers to reduce toner usage.
  • Moved to desktop design computers that can be upgraded versus laptops for improved sustainably.
  • Installed programmable thermostats to regulate energy use.
  • Enrolled thermostats in ConnectedSolutions program to reduce power usage during periods of high electricity demand called “peak energy events”.
  • Moved to a digital billing process to significantly reduce paper and toner waste.
  • Converted to efficient LED showroom lighting to reduce energy use.
  • Partnered with an eco-friendly company to donate unused product/displays for reuse, keeping them from landfills.
  • Added a single stream recycling dumpster to increase recycling efforts.
  • Installed motion sensors in some areas to reduce energy use.
  • Moved to a digital financial and sales processes, further reducing both paper and toner use.
  • Joined a community solar farm that supplies the us with sustainable electricity, helping to lower carbon emissions.
  • Replaced printers with eco-friendly toner-free options, moving towards a toner-free environment.
  • Joined a pilot-program to trial a renewable heating and cooling system that will reduce our dependency on natural gas (to be installed in 2024).
  • Sought and continue to seek vendors that focus on sustainability as part of their principles. See our Green Product Guide for more details. There’s a link in a section below.
  • Insulated our drop ceiling to reduce heat loss, which will further reduce energy use.
  • Installed eco-friendly lighting on the exterior of the building and in the parking lot to reduce energy consumption.

even one positive change can make a major impact

As of 4/4/2024 we’ve saved the equivalent of 29,582 lbs. of CO2 entering the atmosphere, since joining the community solar farm that supplies us with sustainable electricity. This is just one of our many initiatives, which proves that every small change helps.

see the graphic below to better understand what this one change equate to

gallons of gasoline NOT consumed
pounds of coal NOT burned
miles NOT driven by avg. gas-powered car
drums of oil NOT consumed
tree seedlings grown for 10-years
trash bags of waste recycled
instead of landfilled
our philosophy, showroom and green initiatives

Visit our Green Product Guide

Learn more about us and the important green initiatives from our manufacturers

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