We invite all clients into our 3,000 square-foot, Framingham showroom by appointment to get inspiration, explain the scope of our work, understand your project, and provide you with a helpful education in cabinetry, and cabinet design. We believe that informed clients make the best decisions. We discuss your wants and needs, your budget, and the goals of your remodel. We are a hands-on company. We value the kind of quality working relationships with clients that is achieved with face-to-face meetings. or if you prefer, we also offer an online version of a visit and design appointment. Either way we will use our CAD software to help you visualize your new room during your design appointment as our designers a create a three-dimensional design to bring your project to life.  Renovating any space is a process. Here is how we can help your cabinetry remodel be successful:

Cabinet Design For Any Room in Your Home or Office

You name it, we have done it: from kitchens to baths, mudrooms, great rooms, laundry rooms, pantries, game rooms, fireplace surrounds, commercial kitchens and offices, and more! This is our area of expertise. Let us share our creativity and product knowledge to create a cabinet design that makes the most out of your space.

Space Planning

The kitchen has evolved over the years from a workspace to the heart and hub of the home, therefor space planning is the cornerstone of any great kitchen. Our goal is to create a design for you that both functions and looks beautiful. This means something different for each client, which is just one of the reasons a face-to-face meeting to discuss your wants and needs is so important. Whether you have a large space and entertain frequently, a small space that will require meticulous planning to use every inch, are a family with young children and cook often, or want a state-of-the-art space to make a statement, we will customize a cabinet design that best utilizes the space for your needs.


Design Services

We combine the measurements and ideas, which utilizes our experience and knowledge to create an amazing cabinet design concept for your project. We bring that concept to life for you to see using our state-of-the-art 2020 Design software. 2020 Design is used the world over by kitchen & bath retailers, developers, and architects. Our designers are specifically trained in 2020 Design software so you will be able to see 3D renderings of your project design, allowing you to better visualize your room and make choices and changes before your remodeling even begins.

Online Design Appointment

If you are unable to visit our showroom for a design appointment, then we offer the additional service of an online Virtual Design Appointment (VDA). Instead of meeting with a designer face to face, your discussion(s) will take place online and by telephone. To maximize your time, we will collect photos and measurements from you before we schedule your online VDA meeting. We will then provide you with a web link via email that will allow you to join the online VDA meeting during your scheduled time slot. During this collaborative meeting, we will discuss products, options, and work on your layout by sharing the design on screen with you for the duration of your appointment. You can schedule an online VDA appointment by contacting us or by clicking on any Schedule an Appointment button on our site and selecting the online VDA as your option for appointment type.

Schedule An Appointment

Cabinet and Space Measure Services

Typically, we begin the project discussion with measurements of your space from you or your contractor. Once we identify the goals of your project with you and begin to explore our showroom options, we will visit your project space to visualize design plans and take the exact measurements needed.

Cabinet Material Selection

There is a wealth of choices when it comes to the materials and finishes you can use in your space. Whether you come in knowing exactly what you want, or you need time and options to explore.  We will educate you on the different materials and finishes to help you find the right combination that works for you.

On-site Design Consultation

We understand that every project and situation is different, so if you prefer to have us come out to your home to check out your space before coming into the showroom to look at potential options, we can arrange an in-home consultation prior to your visit to our showroom.

Finish/Color Consultation

No matter what feel or style you envision for your space, you can rely on us to show you how to achieve your goals based on a combination of our extensive selection of materials, styles, and finishes. For example, we can show you how to make your space feel either larger or cozier depending on the color and finish you choose for your cabinet design. There are so many options to choose from. We navigate the process with confidence.

Contractor Support

If you have a contractor you want to work with, we are happy to provide you with everything they will need to install your cabinetry and we are happy to discuss installation plans directly with them throughout the process. Alternatively, we have built strong working relationships with many contractors in the MetroWest area, who we can recommend to you. The benefit of using a contractor we recommend is that our long history with them can help avoid installation or communication issues.

In-field Troubleshooting

Our ability to solve problems is a true measure of our experience and integrity. We will work through any problem that may come up and help identify a solution.  We want your experience to be a positive one and we work hard to obtain that.

Stop by our Framingham showroom today.  We look forward to working with you!