How to replace a broken hinge.

1. Replacing an existing hinge starts with trying to identify the manufacturer. Their name is usually stamped on the hinge itself. If the cabinets were purchased through the Corner Cabinet, then use the link below to help identify the hinge manufacturers our product manufacturers have use. Your hinges are likely covered under warranty, so please follow the instruction on the link to contact the individual manufacturer to work with them for replacement.

2. If there is no identifier or you did not purchase your hinge through us, then visit our friends at to go through their hinge buying guide. This should help you determine the best replacement hinge option. Don’t forget that you can also upgrade a replacement hinge with one that has the exact same functionality, but with some new features like soft closing mechanisms. Tip: If you have to replace several hinges, purchase one hinge first to be sure it works for your purpose.

Replacement Hinge Instructions