Knobs and pulls with personality: Top Kitchen Hardware Finishes for 2024

Hardware may seem like a small detail, but it can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen. In 2024, kitchen hardware trends are moving in two exciting directions: bold and textured finishes for the modern kitchen, and classic, warm tones for the traditional kitchen.

Kitchen hardware

Modern Kitchen: Embrace Texture

  • Goodbye, sleek. Hello, textured! Brushed, weathered, and hammered finishes are adding a touch of personality and depth to modern kitchens. Matte finishes, especially in black or dark tones, continue to be popular for their clean and sophisticated look.
  • Mix it up! Don’t be afraid to combine different metals and textures. For example, pair brushed nickel knobs with a hammered nickel cabinet pull.
  • Think outside the box. Hardware doesn’t have to be just metal or plastic. Consider unique materials like glass or wood for an eye-catching look.

Traditional Kitchens: Warmth and Comfort

  • Polished chrome and brass are back! These classic finishes add a touch of luxury and elegance to traditional kitchens. Satin finishes offer a softer look that’s still warm and inviting.
  • Vintage is in! Antiqued bronze and copper hardware adds a touch of timeless character to your kitchen.
  • Keep it simple. Traditional kitchens often favor clean lines and simple shapes. Avoid overly ornate hardware that might look out of place.

Choosing the Right Hardware for Your Kitchen

  • Consider your kitchen’s overall style. Modern kitchens can handle bolder finishes, while traditional kitchens benefit from classic warmth.
  • Think about your cabinets. Hardware should complement the color and finish of your cabinets.
  • Don’t forget functionality! Make sure your hardware is easy to grip and use.

Final Thoughts

Hardware is a great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen. With so many great finishes and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect hardware to elevate your kitchen design in 2024. We carry four quality hardware lines

Do you have a favorite kitchen hardware finish? Check out some of our choices in the photos below!