Pup in the kitchen

Is There Such A Thing As A pet Friendly Kitchen? of course, there is.

If you’re a pet owner, you know that your furry friends can be a handful. They love to explore every nook and cranny of your home, and the kitchen is certainly no exception. With a little planning in your kitchen renovation, we can make your kitchen pet-friendly without sacrificing style or functionality.
Here are a few tips for a pet friendly space:
  • Choose non-toxic surfaces. Furry friends are curious creatures, and they’re likely to lick or chew on anything they can get their paws on. To avoid any accidents, choose kitchen surfaces that are non-toxic and easy to clean. Quartz countertops are a good option, as are stainless steel appliances. They are easy to clean and do not harbor germs.
  • Install a pet-friendly cabinet. If you have the space, consider dedicating an area for pet food that your furry friends can’t get into. This will help to keep their food secure and your kitchen running smoothly.
  • Choose pet-friendly appliances. If you’re selecting new appliances for your remodel, consider getting ones that are pet-safe. Consider the features and how these features are turned on or off. You don’t want your pet engaging with the water dispenser on your fridge or turning on the gas stove with a front knobs.
  • Install a pet-friendly faucet. If you have a pet that likes to drink from the faucet, consider installing a pet-friendly faucet. These faucets have a special spout that makes it easy for pets to drink from.
Here are a few additional tips:
  • Make sure your kitchen is well-lit. This will help you to prevent your furry friends from getting into things they shouldn’t.
  • Put away any dangerous items. This includes things like cleaning supplies, medications, and sharp objects. You don’t want your pet to get into anything that could hurt them.
  • Keep counters and stoves clean. This is especially important if you have a pet that likes to lick or chew. Clean up any spills or messes immediately, and use a pet-safe cleaner to wipe down surfaces regularly.
  • Use non-slip mats on your floors. This will help to prevent your pet from slipping and sliding, which can lead to accidents.