Print and complete measurement instructions

For replacement projects, take initial rough measurements of your space. We will confirm and take thorough measurements later in the process, but your initial measurements will get the discussion started. Use our simple measuring instructions to capture the information needed. We’re also providing you a copy of one of our manufacturer’s instructions which includes a graph sheet. Feel free to use that in conjunction with our instructions.

If this is a new build, addition, or complete remodel then please confirm that the measurements on your blueprints or construction plans include the information requested on the measuring instructions. Many times, these documents do not include things like ceiling height or obstacle (i.e. doors, windows) measurements.

Take photos of your room

For replacement projects, take initial photos of your space. Pictures are truly worth a thousand words and can be extremely helpful when you are explaining your current space and any issues or obstacles. Be sure to take a at least two photos of each wall from different angles. This helps us get a complete picture of the entire room and traffic flow. Feel free to take close-up photos of cabinets or work areas that are not working well for you so we can include suggestions on improving those areas in your new layout.

Complete the Virtual Design Appointment Request form

Fill out the VDA Request form  to include a description of your project in the “Scope of the Project” section and upload your measurements and photos. You may upload the following file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf. If you have any issue uploading your material, or your photos exceed the maximum allowed by our server, you may also email them to us at Please note in the email that you are sending material to be paired with your appointment request.

We’ll contact you soon to discuss your project.  Then we’ll collect payment and schedule the date and time for your Virtual Design Appointment.

Preparing for you Virtual Design Appointment


Email invite

You’ll receive an email invite from us which will contain the meeting link. This link will enter you into a virtual meeting room. We’ll meet you there on the day and time of your scheduled appointment.

Select and test your device

Please try to arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment time to test your device in advance if you do not regularly conduct online meetings. It is helpful if you have a desktop or laptop computer although the appointment can be conducted on a tablet or mobile device. Viewing the appointment via a tablet or mobile phone reduces slight functionality as well as limits your screen size.

It’s optimal to choose a device that has both a speaker and a microphone for this appointment. If your selected device does not have a speaker and microphone, there is a local Boston phone number located with in the email invitation along with a Conference ID #.  You can use your device for the visual portion of the meeting and the phone for audio.

Plan ahead on a quiet location

We want to maximize this time with you, which is why we ask you to think about where you will situate yourself. Please plan ahead to remove all distractions. Background noise will make communication difficult, which can lead to miscommunications. We want you to have a great appointment and in our experience it’s important to plan ahead so you are not unnecessarily interrupted.