There are circumstances that may prevent you from joining us for a design appointment in the showroom. For those situations, we’ve created a Virtual Design Appointment (VDA). This flexible approach will minimize your time spent in the showroom to maximize your schedule. We’ve tried to anticipate the questions you may have in advance about this innovative appointment option. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact us. We are happy to answer any question you have.

What is a Virtual Design Appointment?

Instead of meeting with a designer face to face, your discussion(s) will take place online and by telephone. To maximize your time, we will collect photos and measurements from you before we schedule your VDA meeting. We will then provide you with a web link via email that will allow you to join the online VDA meeting during your scheduled time slot. During this collaborative meeting, we will discuss products, options, and work on your layout by sharing the design on screen with you for the duration of your appointment.

Do I need to schedule a Virtual Design Appointment in advance?

Yes, our work is project based therefore we are working hard on designs like yours that often times requires us to meet deadlines. We conduct a limited amount of VDA appointments a week. To maximize your VDA meeting we ask that you to fill out a Virtual Design Appointment Request. We will contact your after receiving this request to understand and discuss the scope of your project and to be sure we have the information we need in advance of the VDA meeting. You’ll find the details of what to gather before you submit your request in our Virtual Design Appointment Instructions page.

What do I need for my Virtual Design Appointment?

We’ve created a list of Virtual Design Appointment Instructions that describes the information we need prior to scheduling a meeting. In this document, we also cover technical information about the use of a computer versus a mobile device or tablet during the meeting, and using computer audio versus dialing in to the meeting via phone.

What is the cost of a Virtual Design Appointment?

The cost varies depending on the scope of the project. A standard two hour VDA meeting is $250. If you are working on a larger scope project that will require multiple VDAs, the designer will address this during your initial phone conversation and will let you know that cost prior to scheduling a date and time with you. You are under no obligation until you receive this price from our designer. Payment will be collected from you at the time of scheduling your initial VDA meeting. We accept all four major credit cards for payment of this service.

What measurements do I need for my Virtual Design Appointment?

We’ve created a list of Virtual Design Appointment Instructions that describes the information we need to begin a design. This includes measurement instructions.

Do I need a computer for a Virtual Design Appointment?

It is helpful if you have a desktop or laptop computer but the appointment can be conducted on a tablet or mobile device. Viewing the appointment via a tablet or mobile phone reduces the software options available as well as limits your screen size.

What will my Virtual Design Appointment consist of?

Your VDA appointment will consist of a discussion to differentiate between the product lines, cabinet construction, styles, materials, and finishes. In our initial contact, prior to your VDA meeting, we will have already taken the time to understand the scope of your project and collect any initial information from you. Your VDA meeting will focus on product and design.

Are multiple people able to join a Virtual Design Appointment from different locations?

Yes, we can accommodate two groups joining the VDA meeting. This will allow you to have your partner or bestie join in the fun. Any more than two groups is challenging from an audio stand-point, but if you would like to have others join in a listen-only mode then we can accommodate them as well. We will need the name and email of any person you would like to join the meeting so we can also send them an invitation to join.

How do I get started with a Virtual Design Appointment meeting?

Read through the Virtual Design Appointment Instructions, collect the information we ask for, and then fill out the Virtual Design Appointment Request form. We will then contact you to discuss the scope of the project. If you are happy with that conversation and would like to proceed, then we will collect payment and schedule your VDA meeting time slot.