1. Why Choose White Cabinets?

    White cabinets are the most popular choice in cabinet design. White portrays an air of cleanliness that makes people feel comfortable especially in a kitchen or bath. Using white cabinets in your design also keeps the space bright, which can make it appear inviting and oftentimes a larger than it is. Here, we share some of our favorite white cabinet tips. Why choose white cabinets? White cabinets…Read More

  2. Grey Cabinet Ideas

    The color grey has been a growing trend in design because of its ability to offer a smooth blend of sophistication and comfort. Gone are the days of a stark white kitchen that represents a chic area that promises cleanliness. Grey offers a softer edge as compared to the bold and edgy black with the same modern sophistication and elegance. Grey cabinets work well in transitional, contemporary, cla…Read More