1. Modern Farmhouse – Update Your Fixer-Upper

    Do you love watching Fixer Upper? Does the charm and style of the modern farmhouse design speak to you? Decora Cabinetry has just added these three new options to their cabinet line with today's design trends in mind. SHIPLAP TAPERED WOOD HOOD Capitalize on the simple and fresh design trends of today by incorporating a Shiplap Tapered Wood Hood into your farmhouse-inspired space. X ISLAND CAP The…Read More

  2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    Did you know that the first mirrors date back to around 600 B.C.?  They were simple, polished surfaces made from natural stone that would reflect an image. Then the Ancient Egyptians began making mirrors from copper...and other cultures began using bronze, silver, and gold. The process for making modern mirrors was developed in 1835. Historically mirrors were thought to reflect the soul, whic…Read More

  3. Built-in Seating

    Photo by KraftMaid - Discover dining room design inspiration Built-in seating adds quite a bit of value to any home.  It offers beauty, outward functionality, as well as concealed storage.  You can tuck away belongings to keep them out of sight and keep your home functioning seamlessly without clutter.  The best part, it's customized to your space and use.  Here's a collection of ideas that …Read More