1. Display Sale

    We are remodeling our showroom and selling off some floor displays. Take advantage of items at or below cost.  Click on the photo to see all the details. Please call to discuss making one of these bargains work for your space. 508.872.9300…Read More

  2. So many small appliances in your kitchen…

    Do you love small appliances? Our pro tip is to keep them out of site which will maximize your counter space. What other storage issues can we help solve with new cabinetry? Contact us to discuss your project.…Read More

  3. Do you need help in the kitchen?

    We can help anyone look good in the kitchen, even Joe. You're welcome, Julie. We're having a little fun with you here, but seriously we engage in mindful design at the Corner Cabinet. Sit down to discuss your project with us. We have the expertise to guide you, plus we're funny! You'll be glad you did!…Read More

  4. Handle

    Do you like clean, sleek lines? And minimalist style? Then a Finger Grip concept kitchen may be for you. This handle-free cabinetry by Miralis delivers. Talk to a designer today to discuss your project.…Read More

  5. Bathroom Organization

    We're in the business of adding functionality and value to your home. Typically the bathroom is the place you start and end each day. For that reason alone, why not make it a space that is comfortable? What does "comfort" mean when it comes to a bathroom? It means the space should be aesthetically pleasing to you and that the the items you use each day are easily accessible and organized to . Cabi…Read More

  6. Partner with us!

    We'll be your perfect partner in this process. Schedule your complimentary appointment today to discuss your project. Sill have questions about the process? Check out our detailed design processpage. Ready to begin? Schedule an appointment or contact us to speak with us first.…Read More

  7. Remodeling Checklist

    Thinking about a remodel that includes cabinets? Not sure where to start? Use this remodeling check list from our partner, Schrock, to help get you started. Have questions? We have answers. Contact us.…Read More

  8. Mindful Design

    We engage in MINDFUL DESIGN. Homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes longer. Today's cabinets are beautiful on the outside and smart inside to satisfy the need for better organization, ease of use, and more storage. Our design pairs your lifestyle with customizable options available to make the design unique for you.…Read More

  9. Pots & Pan Storage

    Do you need a better way to organize your pots and pans? Check out these options. What other storage issues can we solve with your new cabinetry? Contact us to discuss your project.…Read More