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  1. How long does it take to get a new kitchen?

    What Is The Typical Lead Time For A Kitchen Project? The amount of time it takes to complete a renovation varies greatly based on the amount of work that needs to be done. If walls need to be knocked …Read More

  2. Wolf Classic Cabinets

    Wolf Classic Cabinets Wolf Classic offers three distinct series to make finding the right cabinetry for every project easy. The Impact series, which includes our popular Somerset door style, is our m…Read More

  3. Project Budget

    Setting budget expectations is important to the success of any project. Use the budgeting tool we provide in Step 1 of our Design Process. It will give you suggestions for how much to allocate to diff…Read More

  4. Understanding our process

    Designing a new kitchen can be intimidating until you understand the process and find a qualified partner, like the Corner Cabinet, to help guide you. Click here to see the step-by-step design process…Read More

  5. New Schrock Displays

      We're working on two new Schrock showrooms displays. The first display mixes two complimenting maple door styles and paint finishes; Moonstone on Jarret and Icy Avalanche on Patmore. The next d…Read More

  6. Why choose Schrock?

    Why choose Schrock? Style Inspiration! Looking for Transitional, Traditional, Contemporary, Modern Farmhouse? We've got that and more! Click here for inspiration ideas from Schrock Cabinets. Contact t…Read More

  7. We do so much more than that!

    When you think of the Corner Cabinet, you likely think kitchen and bath cabinetry. We do so much more than that, like this bedroom desk and storage wall. Contact us to schedule your complimentary desi…Read More

  8. Happy July 4th!

    Wishing you a joyful and patriotic July 4th! We are closed on Independence Day. If you are looking to book an appointment while our showroom is closed, please click here to schedule your complimentary…Read More

  9. Meet Mica.

    Meet Mica. Vivid white streaks bolt across an understated pale sea kissed with a touch of light shadow. The surface has a dimensional finish that rivals the naturally-occurring radiance found in the a…Read More

  10. Deck Home Kitchen in Framingham

    Frank and Carolyn were looking to remodel their deck house kitchen in their little slice of heaven in Framingham. Carolyn wanted to freshen up the area with lighter cabinets, flooring, and paint. She …Read More

  11. Best of Houzz 2019

    The Corner Cabinet of Framingham Awarded Best Of Houzz 2019   Awarded by Community of Over 40 Million Monthly Users, Annual BOH Badge Highlights Home Remodeling & Design Professionals with Top Ra…Read More

  12. Millbury Modern Farmhouse kitchen at Christmas

    Steve and Lori have lived in this house for many years. They love their home and the area. Their kitchen was almost 20 years old and was ready for an update. Their design offered some challenges with …Read More

  13. How Kitchen Cabinets Help Create Work Zone Storage

    One of the primary interests that people have when it comes to kitchen design can be summed up in one word: storage. While there are countless countertop appliances available to us that help make cook…Read More

  14. How Kitchen Cabinets Fit Into Recent Kitchen Trends

    There are many reasons to remodel a kitchen -- perhaps the one in the house you’ve just purchased is showing its age or because you plan to sell your home and are looking to raise its value. But the…Read More

  15. Kitchen Design Tips

    If you’ve ever driven by The Corner Cabinet and wondered how we can help you during your remodel, here is a sneak peek into some of the things that go into design conversations. Whether you know exa…Read More

  16. Steve and Lori’s Project In Process

    Lori & Steve were looking to update their 15-year-old kitchen. They wanted to remove the table from the middle of the room, reconfigure the layout to make the space more user-friendly, add a farme…Read More

  17. Zaneta and Magda’s Pierogi Recipe

    The Corner Cabinet has known Magda since her husband Dave joined our team as a Designer. We have heard about her delicious pierogis for quite some time, so when we found out that it was #PierogiDay, w…Read More

  18. Kim’s Fish Tacos

    When we asked our friend Kim to share her Fish Taco recipe, she was slightly hesitant because she cooks by taste rather than by measurement. But lucky for all of us, she took the time to write down he…Read More

  19. Why Use A Contractor?

    In honor of #BathTub day, we're sharing a #TubTalkTuesday video from our partners at Divine Stoneworks. You'll understand why we enjoy working with Divine after watching their video from our pal Dako…Read More

  20. Which Remodel Project Do You Choose First?

    When it comes to projects within your home, both kitchens and bathrooms boast a cult following, and with good reason. The kitchen is the place where you likely spend a lot of time cooking and entertai…Read More

  21. Upgrade to Optimize Your Pantry

    Whether you have a simple cabinet pantry off to the side of your kitchen or a full walk-through butler’s pantry, chances are you are not getting the most out of this valuable storage space. Pantries…Read More

  22. Why Your Kitchen Remodel Deserves Space Planning

    When it comes to a kitchen remodel, it’s easy to get carried away choosing cabinets — running your fingers along the wood grain and professional finish of custom or semi-custom cabinets. The detai…Read More

  23. Legend of Cambria, Chapter VII Video

    Video Spotlight: Are you a fan of Game of Thrones?  Then behold as the Cambria brand mythology comes to life in an epic tale of treachery, revenge, and redemption. In all, this seriously, fun, series…Read More

  24. Legend Of Cambria, Chapter VI Video

    Video Spotlight: Are you a fan of Game of Thrones?  Then behold as the Cambria brand mythology comes to life in an epic tale of treachery, revenge, and redemption. In all, this seriously, fun, series…Read More

  25. Legend of Cambria, Chapter V Video

    Video Spotlight: Are you a fan of Game of Thrones?  Then behold as the Cambria brand mythology comes to life in an epic tale of treachery, revenge, and redemption. In all, this seriously, fun, series…Read More

  26. Legend Of Cambria, Chapter IV Video

    Video Spotlight: Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Then behold as the Cambria brand mythology comes to life in an epic tale of treachery, revenge, and redemption. In all, this seriously, fun, series o…Read More

  27. Wet Bar/Dry Bar/Drink Station Ideas

    Are you thinking of adding a wet or dry bar to your home? One of the new kitchen trends is to incorporate a drink or wine station into the kitchen or adjacent space.  Here's some inspiration for your…Read More

  28. Legend of Cambria, Chapter III Video

    Video Spotlight: Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Then behold as the Cambria brand mythology comes to life in an epic tale of treachery, revenge, and redemption. In all, this seriously, fun, series o…Read More

  29. Modern Farmhouse – Update Your Fixer-Upper

    Do you love watching Fixer Upper? Does the charm and style of the modern farmhouse design speak to you? Decora Cabinetry has just added these three new options to their cabinet line with today's desi…Read More

  30. Legend of Cambria, Chapter II Video

    Video Spotlight: Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Then behold as the Cambria brand mythology comes to life in an epic tale of treachery, revenge, and redemption. In all, this seriously, fun, series o…Read More

  31. Legend of Cambra, Chapter I Video

    Video Spotlight: Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Then behold as the Cambria brand mythology comes to life in an epic tale of treachery, revenge, and redemption. In all, this seriously, fun, series o…Read More

  32. Why Choose White Cabinets?

    White cabinets are the most popular choice in cabinet design. White portrays an air of cleanliness that makes people feel comfortable especially in a kitchen or bath. Using white cabinets in your des…Read More

  33. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    Did you know that the first mirrors date back to around 600 B.C.?  They were simple, polished surfaces made from natural stone that would reflect an image. Then the Ancient Egyptians began making m…Read More

  34. Built-in Seating

    Photo by KraftMaid - Discover dining room design inspiration Built-in seating adds quite a bit of value to any home.  It offers beauty, outward functionality, as well as concealed storage.  You can…Read More

  35. Grey Cabinet Ideas

    The color grey has been a growing trend in design because of its ability to offer a smooth blend of sophistication and comfort. Gone are the days of a stark white kitchen that represents a chic area t…Read More

  36. Legend of Cambria Trailer Video

    Video Spotlight: Are you a fan of Game of Thrones?  Then behold as the Cambria brand mythology comes to life in an epic tale of treachery, revenge, and redemption. In all, this seriously, fun, series…Read More

  37. The Schrock Finish Palette

    Video SpotLight: Nothing says more about you than the colors you choose for your home. Schrock offers an exciting and diverse collection of cabinetry colors ideal for expressing the full spectrum of y…Read More

  38. Remodeling Realities Make Home Makeovers Easier

    If you’re like most homeowners who have lived in their home for several years, you’re likely to catch the “home remodeling itch.” Or, perhaps you’ve recently purchased a home and the avocado…Read More

  39. 2018 Kitchen Trends

    Each year, trends begin to unfold. 2018 will be no exception. Check out these latest videos and photos we've pulled together from different sources to share with you. We expect some of these trends t…Read More

  40. Designing for Life: A Kitchen with Ambition

    Social time. Work time. Alone time. And very little downtime. Here are some of the innovations that help create "A Kitchen with Ambition." Working during the day. Chatting with your partner while prep…Read More

  41. Quartz Countertops

    Judging by our clients, the choice of Quartz has surpassed Granite in both kitchens and baths in our corridor of the Northeast. If you are working with The Corner Cabinet to design a space in your hom…Read More

  42. Beautiful on the Inside and Out

    In April of 2018, Miralis will now offer a new linen look for cabinet interiors. This realistic and refined finish offers a high-quality material that is more resistant to superficial scratches. To s…Read More

  43. Cabinet Lighting

    Wireless Cabinet Lighting Solutions Warm or Cool. Task or Accent. Decora Cabinetry is offering new wireless cabinet lighting solutions as an easy way to take your kitchen design from ordinary to extra…Read More

  44. Manufactured Vanity Tops

    Thinking about a bathroom makeover? Vanity tops come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to give your bathroom a luxury look then consider a premanufacture…Read More

  45. Caesarstone 2018 New Countertop Colors

    Announcing Caesarstone’s three new designs – all modern takes on the white surface trend. These new colors bring versatility to renovation. They bring character to home designs. Discover their sto…Read More

  46. Transitional and Contemporary Kitchen Design

    Trend: Transitional and Contemporary Design Many homeowners are looking to update their home, both for themselves and with the thought of making their home more marketable for the future.  The concep…Read More

  47. New Wolf Classic Dartmouth Brownstone Cabinetry

    Available in March of 2018, an added stain in our Wolf Classic Expression series. Our newest finish, Brownstone, is an attractive grey-brown stain available on our Dartmouth door style, now giving you…Read More

  48. Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchens You’ll Love

    The modern farmhouse style is a modern twist on a classic style that is popping up everywhere these days. Kitchen designers attribute this trend to the comfort and versatility a farmhouse kitchen offe…Read More

  49. Trends For High-End Countertops in 2018

    Home remodels typically begin in the kitchen because the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where family meals are prepared and families gather together to share. A home’s kitchen is the single…Read More

  50. Countdown To Spring Kitchen Designs

    Spring is almost here!  Many cabinet and countertop designers are coming out with new colors and styles to spruce up your kitchen.  If you are thinking of remodeling or renovating your kitchen, don'…Read More

  51. Convert Your Bathroom Into a Personal Spa

    Do you have visions of your master bath being a personal spa, an escape from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world? Many of us spend time preparing ourselves for the day and then unwinding an…Read More

  52. Why Shop With The Corner Cabinet

    At The Corner Cabinet, we know that you have choices when it comes to where you purchase cabinets in the Boston area, and we aim to be the best choice. At The Corner Cabinet, our passion is cabinetry …Read More

  53. Where Custom Cabinets can Upgrade Your Home

    When it comes to interior design, custom cabinets are a surefire way to upgrade any living space. Cabinets are one of the main focus points —second only the windows— in any room that contains cabi…Read More

  54. Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance

    When you make the investment to install beautiful new kitchen cabinets, you’ll want to protect them and make them last as long as possible. To start things off on the right foot, be sure to follow t…Read More

  55. How to Make Your Kitchen Rough Chic

    Rough chic is a modern spin on the classic rustic farmhouse design. Bring the charming country style into your home without actually buying a barn home. Whether you live in a 4,000 square foot ranch h…Read More

  56. Kitchen Countertops Can Be Difficult to Choose

    We’re not kidding. This is a big deal. Unless you’re made of money, you’re going to be living with those new counters for a long time. You don’t want to get tired of them, or worse end up hati…Read More

  57. Kitchen Cabinets, The Designs We Love

    Let’s face it, everything gets old and tired after a while. No matter how much we love our kitchens, eventually, it is time to throw it all out and start with something new. Even if a complete remod…Read More

  58. Color Matters

    Color in design is very subjective. One reaction will not always be another's. Personal preference, cultural diversity, and upbringing also play a major role. Color theory is a huge field of study w…Read More

  59. Cleaning your Stainless Steel

    While the jury of experts is still out on whether stainless steel appliances will remain the trend, we still see most clients still opting for the beauty of stainless.  So let's discuss the best way …Read More

  60. Cabinet Maintenance

    Accidents happen!  There's nothing worse than that first scratch or dent on your cabinets.  My advice is to not let it become a permanent distraction that you see day after day.  If you're anything…Read More


    KraftMaid is so confident in the quality of their finishes, they back their cabinetry with a lifetime limited warranty. They believe that KraftMaid kitchens should look as beautiful in 20 years as …Read More

  62. Caring for Stone Countertops

    Our premier stone fabricator, Discover Marble & Granite, has set up an entire website to answer questions and provide products to care for stone counters.  Please visit their site for more inform…Read More

  63. Decorá Cabinetry – Spring 2016

    The new Spring collection at Decora emaphasizes why Decora is a leader in cabinetry.  Finish — Four new neutral paint options.  Style — Three new beautiful door styles. Customization — Se…Read More

  64. Furniture Style Vanities

    Furniture Vanities are a beautiful way to add flair and design to your bathroom.  There are so many exciting styles, that it's hard to imagine not finding one you'll love.  Below is a small selectio…Read More


    Every once in a while I stumble upon a new fresh recipe that looks too good not to share.  Today, this Epicurious recipe arrived in my inbox by Marcela Vallasolid. If you are not acquainted with th…Read More

  66. Lighting

    Today, I would like to talk about the importance of lighting in cabinet design.  If there's one space in the home where getting the lighting right is absolutely critical, it's the kitchen. Lighting c…Read More

  67. The Perfect Cookout Addition: Peach Lemonade

    Tis almost the season for friends and family to get together and enjoy the outdoor weather. Try this tasty lemonade, which is sure to please both adults and kids with alcoholic and non-alcoholic versi…Read More

  68. Cabinet Glazing

    Today I'd like to talk about cabinet glazing.  Let's discuss what cabinet glazing is, why you would choose a glazing option, compare it on paint versus stain,  talk about the type of door styles tha…Read More

  69. Get-Inspired

    Do you want your cabinetry to make a BOLD statement?  Are the latest Trends in design interesting to you?  Do you Love the Lux style? If you answer yes to any of these questions then Miralis may …Read More

  70. Where Do I Start My Remodel?

    The most overwhelming thing in a kitchen or bath project is knowing where to start.  Many people are afraid of making a decision they will regret later.  This is one reason working with a cabinet de…Read More

  71. Bells and Whistles

    One of the questions I get asked all the time is; What should I include in my kitchen?  There are, of course, some basic accessories I feel should be included in the average kitchen. I recommend a tr…Read More

  72. Laundry Room – Space Planning

    I was reading an article on Houzz today called “Homeowner’s Workbook: How to Remodel the Laundry Room” by Mitchell Parker.  It struck me that he really got to the heart of the issue with the la…Read More

  73. Blue Is The New Black

    Everywhere I look in the design world, I see and I read about blue.  There are so many hues of blue, but today I’d like to talk about just one; Maritime. Schrock Cabinet company just introduced a n…Read More

  74. St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Suggestion

    I've never been a huge fan of corn beef and cabbage.  And I'm not even sure why.  If you're not either, then here's a recipe for you to try that will bring out the Irish in you.  Thanks to Mindy Fo…Read More

  75. Spring Entertaining

    Spring Entertaining on your calendar? Try keeping your table simple and organic with herbs and plants. Another tip, try filling a vase with whole fruit or lining it with slices before adding your flow…Read More


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