Call them contemporary, modern, or European—just be sure to call them fabulous. Every season kitchen cabinet makers are getting more and more creative, introducing new materials that deliver a fresh, traditional, or contemporary look to your home.

We love the straight lines with touch-to-open mechanisms and high-gloss finishes, the geometric forms, and angular designs. We delight in European, ultra-modern, and mid-century timeless style. We adore stainless steel, solid wood, frosted glass, and laminates. We covet color and texture, luxe lacquer paints and rough-chic woods. Yes. We love them all. We really do.

That’s the beauty of contemporary cabinetry: you can love any of those things, and design a look that will be exactly what you want. A cabinet with the right form and the right shape is modern by design. Anything you want to add on top of that is completely up to you!

One of the great things about modern design is it works equally well in small spaces and large ones. So, don’t just assume that if you’ve got a small kitchen you can’t have the modern look you’ve always wanted. You most definitely can!

Schedule an appointment to let us help you design cabinetry that is perfect for you. We look forward to meeting you and helping you build your dream kitchen!