Chances are you’ve stopped by Corner Cabinet Corporation because you want the best available cabinets during your kitchen remodel that will improve the look of your kitchen. You might even have a kitchen design in your head and are looking for someone to take it from basic ideas to finished cabinetry.

If you know exactly what you want, we’re more than happy to help you make your dreams a reality. But as the kitchen cabinet experts, we know you’ll understand if we bring up certain points that will make your kitchen design even more efficient and safe. Let’s take a look at some of the most common changes we have to make to create an even better kitchen space.

Leave Enough Space To Walk

When you’re planning a kitchen remodel, we completely understand your interest in getting as much out of it as possible. It can be tempting to sketch in a mammoth kitchen sink and the largest island possible that can seat four or more people.

Sometimes less is more, because a kitchen with too much in it could prove difficult to cook in. When you open the oven door, you still want to be able to walk around it without bumping into an island. If you have two people cooking at the same time, you want them to be able to pass each other with ease even when each is carrying something.

Consider Traffic

It’s not just cooking traffic that you have to worry about. The cook might be the only one using the oven, but everyone will be accessing the refrigerator. Someone setting the table has to be able to grab the dishes while still staying out of the way of the person cooking dinner.

If you have young children, it’s also important to consider the type of hardware you’re using on your cabinets. While you might be enamored with a particular type of knob for your cabinets, it could be the type that easily catches the clothing of little ones. As your kitchen design partners, we’ll be sure to let you know if you’ve chosen one that won’t work as well in a home with kids.

Who Will Use The Microwave?

While the microwave/stove vent combination provides a certain level of convenience, it’s not exactly the height of fashion. It also forced the microwave to be at a certain height, one that was inconvenient for many people.

Microwave height is more important than people realize. You want it to be out of reach of the youngest children so that they won’t play with the buttons, but as they become more responsible for their own lunches you want them to be able to use it.

Trust The Experts!

We’re honored when you trust us with your kitchen design plans, and we hope you’ll see us as your partners in the process. We want what’s best for your kitchen and will offer you the best options available. Click here to check out the brands we work with daily!