The new Spring collection at Decora emaphasizes why Decora is a leader in cabinetry.  Finish — Four new neutral paint options.  Style — Three new beautiful door styles. Customization — Several new storage innovations and wireless lighting solutions.
 The three new door styles; Altmann, Atwater, and Haskins.

These new cabinet paint colors are available on Maple and Oak, and are able to be layered with glazes and brushed finishes on Maple. (And yes, you’ll have to thumb wrestle me for the job of naming colors when it becomes available.)

Extra White
Agreeable Gray
Analytical Gray
Black Fox

Next, exciting new cabinet storage options have been added.

Lastly, new wireless warm and cool lighting solutions for your Decora Cabinets.

See anything you like? I bet you do. Click HERE for Decora’s pdf electronic brochure on 2016 Spring products. Enjoy!