Accidents happen!  There’s nothing worse than that first scratch or dent on your cabinets.  My advice is to not let it become a permanent distraction that you see day after day.  If you’re anything like me that scratch draws your eye every time you walk into the room. So here are some tips for fixing those scratches!

Most minimum cabinet orders include a touch-up kit.  Be sure to keep that kit for times like this.  This kit is tailored for your cabinets with the correct stain or paint color included.  Lost or cannot find your touch-up kit?  Call us to re-order another.  It’s that simple.

Here are the steps to fix a scratch on wood with the touch-up pen.

  • Buff the damaged area, as well as the surrounding area, with the provided Scotch-Brite pad to achieve a blend of surface sheen. Example: Scotch-Brite the entire vertical member. (Be sure to practice first in an inconspicuous area.)
  • Shake the touch-up pen vigorously.
  • Depress the pen’s felt tip on a piece of cardboard or scrap wood until the tip becomes saturated.
  • Apply the touch-up liquid with light, even strokes, using your fingertip to blend.
  • Allow to dry 1-2 minutes; if desired, spray with Clear Coat (available from The Corner Cabinet), or any commercially available clear polyurethane spray. We recommend a semi-gloss (35-40 sheen).

For deeper gauges on wood with fill stick.

  • Evaluate the damaged area-is it repairable? How many touch-ups will be required? Is professional help required? Proceed only if confident of skill level.
  • Apply the fill with an even back-and-forth motion to completely fill in the damaged area. (Hint: For easier application, you may soften the fill stick by carefully heating the end over a small flame or massaging between your fingertips.)
  • Gently remove excess fill with a straightedge and dry cloth.
  • Apply grain marks if necessary with the touch-up pen.
  • If desired, spray with Clear Coat or clear, semi-gloss (35-40 sheen) polyurethane to seal.