There is nothing more versatile, in the kitchen or in any other room, than grey. It goes with anything. Grey kitchen cabinets can provide balance to a slightly odd-shaped kitchen. You can use grey to blend cabinets into the background or make them an eye-popping focal point.

One of our favorite ways to use grey cabinets is to combine them with unexpected colors and textures. You may expect gray kitchen cabinets to be the foundation of a modern kitchen, but think about adding them to a rustic kitchen, full of warm wood tones and natural stone. Trust us, that combination is stunning.

Grey Cabinets are also a great starting point if modern is more your thing. Match a flat grey paint with reflective marble or stone. Or start with a high-gloss gray cabinet and add a pop or red, teal or lime green to bring everything together. If you love the look and character of wood, then consider a grey based stain. They range from grey tones to true brown (no yellow or red) with grey undertones.  The look is stunning.

There’s nothing you can’t do if you start with gray cabinets. They’re one of our favorite things to work with. Give us a call. Let’s talk about your kitchen!