1. Which Remodel Project Do You Choose First?

    When it comes to projects within your home, both kitchens and bathrooms boast a cult following, and with good reason. The kitchen is the place where you likely spend a lot of time cooking and entertaining your family and friends, so it’s good to have a space that fits all of your needs right down to a larger prep zone, a double-oven, or a pot filler you've been coveting. The bathroom, on the oth…Read More

  2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    Did you know that the first mirrors date back to around 600 B.C.?  They were simple, polished surfaces made from natural stone that would reflect an image. Then the Ancient Egyptians began making mirrors from copper...and other cultures began using bronze, silver, and gold. The process for making modern mirrors was developed in 1835. Historically mirrors were thought to reflect the soul, whic…Read More

  3. Furniture Style Vanities

    Furniture Vanities are a beautiful way to add flair and design to your bathroom.  There are so many exciting styles, that it's hard to imagine not finding one you'll love.  Below is a small selection of furniture style vanities for you to drool over.  You're welcome! See our Furniture Style Vanities Pinterest Board for even more ideas!…Read More