Framingham is a vital part of the Massachusetts economy. The city not only anchors the economy in Metrowest, we’re an essential part of Greater Boston’s economy. Like all communities across the country, we are facing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic head on.  We want to make sure that the businesses that have started here and thrived here are able to survive here.  With this Buy Local campaign, we’re committed to work together as a community to promote Framingham-based businesses.

I pledge to participate in the Buy Local campaign in Framingham.

By signing, you are pledging:

  • If you are a local Framingham-based business – to participate in the Buy Local campaign by posting Buy Local signs and poster at your place of business, post to social media about the Buy Local campaign and/or network with other local businesses to use their services or purchase goods at their business.
  • If you are a Framingham resident – to participate in the Buy Local campaign by purchasing goods and services at local Framingham businesses whenever possible.


By signing the pledge, you are agreeing to receive information about the Let’s Recover Together campaign at your email address.

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