When it comes to interior design, custom cabinets are a surefire way to upgrade any living space. Cabinets are one of the main focus points —second only the windows— in any room that contains cabinets, so it only makes sense that a great deal of attention should be paid here. Custom cabinets ensure that the look is unique and represents your home perfectly. While most people think of the kitchen when they think of cabinets, there are many other areas that shouldn’t be overlooked! Here, we will discuss all the places where you can upgrade the cabinets in your home.


The kitchen is always the first place to start when it comes to cabinet upgrades. Not only are cabinets the largest part of your kitchen, they also hold the most responsibility. Kitchens are judged on three major components: the cabinets, counter space, and cleanliness. This is true when looking to purchase (or rent) a home, or when you visit someone else’s home. Because most of the kitchen is made up of cabinets, it is here that you should begin the cabinet upgrade! If you have a smaller, darker kitchen or if your kitchen is closed, white cabinets or glass front cabinet doors may serve the space better than the dark hardwood cabinets that make an open kitchen shine.


The next place to upgrade cabinets is the bathroom. Although there are not often too many cabinets in the bathroom, they should not be underestimated. When you have beautiful custom cabinets in the bathroom, not only can it give a feeling of luxury and comfort to the space, but it can effectively hold everything you or a guest may need while using the bathroom, without having to step outside to a hallway linen closet. Custom etched glass cabinets can offer some concealment for what is in the cabinets, while allowing guests to get the general idea of what is inside, and can also serve to match a custom etched glass shower door as well!

Laundry Room

The laundry room is an excellent place for custom cabinetry. Cabinets are an automatic upgrade to the wire shelves that come standard in laundry rooms. Give your laundry detergent a space to call its own and keep your laundry room looking clean and presentable with custom cabinets to fit the space. If your laundry room allows, cabinets with shelves can be built to serve as a holding area for clean, folded laundry or racks can be installed to hang dry fragile items. With the right counter space, you can also complete all the ironing in the laundry room. Cabinets provide the organization with any space and can easily hide things from plain view to make a room appear clean and orderly.


The garage is the ideal place for custom cabinets. Whether the garage is a workspace, a home office, or a storage space, cabinets help contain the clutter while creating a polished look. In the garage, durability and functionality may be more important than beauty if your garage is used for woodworking or car maintenance, but it is possible to have it all! The great thing about garages is cabinets can usually be stacked a little better than other areas of the house because of the higher ceilings while keeping things to the walls so that you don’t lose parking space. Much like a kitchen, the cabinets in your garage can provide a landing space for countertops.


Whether you have a walk-in or a reach-in closet, custom cabinetry can help keep your belongings organized and easy to find. Your closet is where you both begin and end each day, it is one of the few spaces that you call your own, custom cabinets are a well-deserved upgrade here. Shaker cabinets can upgrade your closet space from plain, cluttered shelves to a beautifully organized space that may tempt you into removing your closet doors.

Living Room

Not many people think about cabinetry when they think about living rooms, but our entertainment centers are the focal point of the main living room. Custom cabinets, built to fit, creates a beautifully comfortable space. Once your custom cabinets are installed, you won’t have to worry about moving them out to vacuum behind them or whether they will accidentally tip over. Open-faced custom cabinets can hold all of your entertainment materials such as your book or DVD collections or display knick-knacks, while some custom glass front cabinet doors provide moderate concealment.

Small Spaces

Small spaces are ideal for custom cabinets. When there is not a lot of space, such as in a front entryway, pantry or a mudroom, custom cabinets make all the difference. In small spaces, just a few things can make the area feel cluttered. A cluster of custom cabinets can change the whole look and feel of the space by providing an organized home for everything. A row of cabinets under a bay window provides storage for books and throws while creating the perfect seat to curl up on in front of the window. Custom display cases help keep collectibles dust free and displayed in an organized fashion.


Whether your basement is used as a rec room, a home office, a spare bedroom, or storage space, custom cabinets upgrade the space. Turn a large space into an organized, cozy space with wall to wall cabinets and a built-in desk. In storage spaces that hold cleaning products or other hazardous materials, cabinets no only offer organization, but keep these products safely out of reach for children and pets.

The possibilities of cabinets are limitless! Although most people think of kitchens and bathrooms when they think of cabinet upgrades, custom cabinets are as versatile as the space they go into and are as unique as the family having them built. If you are looking to upgrade or add custom cabinets in your home, contact us at The Cabinet Corner, where we use our 2020 Design software that allows you to see your design in three-dimensions to bring your project to life before you commit, guaranteeing you’ll love the finished product. Contact us for your quote today!