Lori & Steve were looking to update their 15-year-old kitchen. They wanted to remove the table from the middle of the room, reconfigure the layout to make the space more user-friendly, add a farmer’s sink, and replace the range with a cooktop and a wall oven. Their layout presented several design challenges as the space has five door openings, a chimney, a large picture window, and a soffit. Luckily, we really love a challenge! On today’s blog post, see their before-photos and get your first glimpse of their exciting #ProjectInProcess.

We discussed a couple of different design layouts before deciding on a layout that really utilized the shape of the room and would work well for Steve & Lori, their three grown children, and their 6 grandchildren that are always in the kitchen. Our new layout gives them seating in the kitchen while removing the table obstacle from the middle of the room. This allowed us to completely change the footprint of the cabinets and move the sink into the middle of the room, which creates a new, more efficient work zone. We also relocated the fridge to a better location in the room, on a newly built wall, which adds a level of privacy to the half bath located off the kitchen. Yet the new layout still allows for easy access to enter the kitchen from the back door, the family room, the dining room, or from the stairs leading to the second floor. Removing the soffit transforms the kitchen by opening it up and using the extra height for cabinetry which will draw the eye upward making the space feel even larger and roomier. We opted to leave the chimney unchanged as it adds character and interest to blend the old with new to make the cabinets built around it looks like they belong.

Parallel to the design process to rework the layout, we also looked at several combinations of cabinets. Lori knew what she liked but trusted us to present her with options that were current and would achieve the look she envisioned. She mentioned that she likes black, green, or grey and liked the idea of using a mix of finishes in the room. I set out to pair several combinations, which lead us to their final choice; a quartersawn oak door in matte stain finished that works as a neutral and grounds the base cabinets. The stain is a grey-based brown. We paired this with a painted maple door, which has gentle blue undertones that lean toward grey.  Alone this color would be slightly too blue for this design, so we opted for a glaze over the paint. The glaze adds a steely grey/black over the blue paint.  It tones down the blue and makes it appear softer and cooler. The grey/black highlights that cling to the grooves and edges on the door pair beautifully with the grey tones in the stained quartersawn oak door. The smooth finish of the painted door also compliments the deep texture of the quartersawn door. It’s a winning combination. Next, we selected a granite that bridged the two cabinets and created color palettes to help choose a wall color to anchor the design.

As you can see in the next set of photos, the cabinets have been delivered and installation is on its way. Steve is a contractor and is installing the cabinets himself.  We can’t wait to see the finished product. The granite top will be templated next and scheduled for install. From there, it won’t be long until Lori, Steve, and their entire family are creating meals and memories in their new kitchen! Watch for more on their project coming soon.