Recently, while suffering from a spring cold I found myself daydreaming of our September in France.  My husband and I, with close friends, traveled to celebrate milestones and life in general. And, that we did! We saw the sites, enjoyed the food, loved the wine, and emerged ourselves in all the beauty of the architecture and art.  It was the trip of a life time!

One of our day trips was to visit the medieval village of Provins, about 80 km outside of Paris. This still inhabited village is surrounded by stone walls.  These walls guard their dwellers and make home to the Caesar Tower and Saint Quiriace Church.  These structures date back to the 12th and 13th century.  Provins is known for making culinary delights from the roses they grow, such things as Rose petal jam, Rose honey, Rose water and Rose candies.  We enjoyed some of theses treats that day whilst walking the village after a lovely lunch and meandering through the few small shoppes.  I was intrigued at the time by using Rose Water as an ingredient.  One of those small, but lingering thoughts that never quite disappears.

Some time later I came across a recipe for lavender and rose ice cream.  My youngest daughter was as besotted as I.  I found culinary lavender online and rose water from my local Whole Foods. Together we made lavender and rose ice cream! I must tell you that ice cream was really something special.

But back to the present…Recently, in my impatience for the warmer spring weather, my thoughts have been turning to the garden and flowers, and thinking back to that wonderful day in France when inspiration just began to bud, I’ve decided it’s time to make something special with that rose water again.

​I found this recipe for Raspberry Cream Scones with Rosewater Glaze from This is supposed to be the first really beautiful spring weekend here in the Northeast.  These scones look like the perfect Sunday morning breakfast to enjoy on the deck with a cup of tea or coffee and your reading material of choice.

I’ll also share the recipe I used for Lavender Rose Ice Cream from

Enjoy our photos from Provins, France. I love that the stone is aged and moss covered, the streets are narrow, and that the doors are perfect height for me!

Happy Weekend.  Make some memories…