The modern farmhouse style is a modern twist on a classic style that is popping up everywhere these days. Kitchen designers attribute this trend to the comfort and versatility a farmhouse kitchen offers the family home. Farmhouses provide a home with a cozy, casual, inviting space. New construction around the nation is seeing a shift from formal dining rooms to dining areas that are adjacent or included in the open kitchen floor plan. What exactly is modern farmhouse style and how can you capture it in your kitchen? Here, we will discuss some of the basic elements.

A Modern Twist on a Traditional Style

The traditional farmhouse style isn’t so much of a style as it was a happenstance of a lifestyle that focused on comfort and function. What appeals to most people about the traditional farmhouse style is the ease and comfortable charm it offers. The key to modern farmhouse style is to retain the comfort and charm of the traditional look while adding clean, modern upgrades. The modern farmhouse style uses a mix of materials with clean lines and crisper details along with a few comfort elements to achieve the farmhouse appeal, striking just the right balance between the classic farmhouse and modern design.

Elements That Create the Modern Farmhouse Style

Warm Color Palette

The modern farmhouse design includes a distinctively neutral color palette paired with soft tone colors with and authentic looking rustic details. Begin with creams, beige, silver sage, and light grey, and add in wood tones using salvaged wood when possible. Wood that appears aged with wear and tear, scratches and nicks, and knots all add to the classic appeal.

Layer Organic Materials

To get a more modern look, you’ll want to avoid layering looks too much to keep a clean, polished area. However, to accent and for decor, add in organic materials in neutral colors such wood floors, cotton fabrics, and metal light fixtures. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and materials, but don’t overdo it, simple is beautiful.

Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are a very distinguishable trait of the modern farmhouse style. Shaker cabinets are traditional and simple, yet still elegant and versatile. Inset drawers and doors add to the farmhouse charm. All painted or a mix of painted and wood or rough-chic cabinets pair wonderfully. While white cabinets are always a beautiful, bright, and clean option, grey cabinets also offer a comfortable, neutral, but modern feel.

Natural Wood Accents

Whether it’s as simple as a wooden barn table, as grand as wooden plank floors, or as interesting as exposed ceiling beams, wooden accents are a must for any farmhouse look. Wood furniture can be left in its natural beautiful state or painted to match the tone of the kitchen. Wood benches instead of chairs at the dining table are a great option.

Small Pops of Color

While the overall theme and tone of a modern farmhouse kitchen should be light and neutral to convey a warm, clean area, pops of color help display personality and ease transitions between lights and darks. You can keep it simple, clean, and natural with potted herbs that offer a hint of natural green, or use colored appliances or jars for just a little color here and there. Color can also be reserved for fabrics or wall decor.

Single-Basin Porcelain Sink

Whether you are going for full traditional farmhouse look or a fresh, modern farmhouse style, a single-basin porcelain sink is a must-have! If your budget and space allow, a fireclay apron front, deep-basin sink is the ultimate in farmhouse style with complete functionality. Stone single-basin sinks also look nice when paired with a lighter, neutral countertop.

Modern farmhouse style kitchen areas provide a warm and inviting space for a family to gather in, to prepare meals in, and for friends to come together to enjoy a glass of wine over a comfortable conversation. Let your home reflect your eclectic personality with a farmhouse overhaul. If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen with a modern farmhouse style, The Corner Cabinet has many cabinets and countertops options to complete your look and expert designers who will help you create the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams. Stop by our Framingham showroom for design inspiration and schedule a consultation with our designers today!