I was reading an article on Houzz today called “Homeowner’s Workbook: How to Remodel the Laundry Room” by Mitchell Parker.  It struck me that he really got to the heart of the issue with the laundry room.  No laundry room is the same size or shape; some are large, some are small, and many are just closets.  Having lived in many different homes, I’ve also had to overcome the laundry room challenge several times.  I’ve found that space planning is the key to successfully overcoming the constraints of a small space.  You can take any small area and make it very functional if it’s properly designed.  I also find that well functioning spaces are much more pleasant and less taxing to work in.  Give the article below a read and consider your laundry area.  Does it need added functionality that would improve your efficiency?  Would redecorating the space make it a more cheerful place to help you complete laundry more readily?  Ask yourself these questions.  Use the answers to help decide if a Laundry Room Remodel is in your future.