While the jury of experts is still out on whether stainless steel appliances will remain the trend, we still see most clients still opting for the beauty of stainless.  So let’s discuss the best way to clean these industrious appliances.

First, there’s the proactive approach.  Wipe all spills immediately. Always wipe stainless going in the direction of the grain.  Stainless steel shows water marks more than anything else.  Never allow standing water to remain on a stainless surface for long periods of time.

Once being proactive has packed up, then you need some tips to clean off those everyday drips, cooking splatter, and finger marks.  I find the best way to keep my stainless appliances clean is to use a wet dish cloth with warm soap and water.  Wipe down the appliance from top to bottom.  Again, wiping in the direction of the grain.  Next dry the surface with a dry cloth in the same manner.

For tougher baked-on mess, use a mild cleaner and a nylon scrubber or sponge.  Never use any abrasive cleaners or wire brushes or steel wool to clean your stainless steel.  Abrasive cleaners and tools will scratch the surface of your stainless steel leaving minute scrapes.  Suddenly one of the best attributes of stainless – it’s non-porous surface – is no longer working to keep your kitchen clean and safe.

To remove impossible stains, make a paste of baking soda and liquid dish soap.  Gently scrub with a nylon scrubber or a toothbrush. If some stains remain, use undiluted vinegar, again scrubbing gently with a soft brush. Be sure to rinse and towel dry to clean surface completely.