Bathroom Ideas: 2023 bath trends

by Gina Richard

Natural materials like wood and stone are still central, but make way for a splash of color and a touch of technology in the 2023 bathroom!

Embrace the Color Revolution:

Love color? Then get ready to embrace a wave of vibrant hues in the bathroom. From statement vanities in jewel tones to calming pastel shower tiles, color is no longer an accent; it’s a centerpiece. We offer a wide range of colorful cabinet options with color matching from top paint manufacturers, allowing you to create a bathroom that reflects your unique style.

Smarter Bathrooms for a Seamless Experience:

Smart technology is making its way into the bathroom in a big way. Imagine toilets with self-cleaning functions, bidets with deodorizers, or mirrors that respond to voice commands like the Kohler Verdera. Voice-activated showerheads like the Moxie showerhead from Kohler allow for hands-free temperature and pressure control, adding a touch of luxury to your daily routine. Furthermore, eco-friendly smart showers help you conserve water while maintaining a perfect showering experience.

Doppler Motion Sensor Lights: The Future of Bathroom Lighting

Traditional motion sensor lights are a thing of the past. New Doppler motion sensors by Task Lighting can detect motion through walls and cabinets, ensuring your lights turn on when you need them most. These sensors are often paired with tunable-white LED lighting, allowing you to switch between warm and cool white light depending on the mood you desire. No more guessing which lightbulbs to buy!



Bath tub

Artifacts Indigo blue freestanding tub from KohlerWeb Professional

Moen Smart Shower Controller

Moen Smart Shower Controller


Doppler motion sensors for Lighting by Task

Doppler motion sensors introduced by Task Lighting

Create Your Dream Bathroom Oasis

Ultimately, the best bathroom trends for 2023 are the ones that make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Whether you crave a bold and colorful escape or a serene spa-like retreat, we can help you achieve your vision. Explore our wide range of design options, including colorful vanities and smart technology features. Book an appointment today (in-person or virtually) and let our design experts help create the perfect bathroom sanctuary for you!

By Gina Richard